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Operation Failsafe
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The Untold Story Of Scott Sutton

Adolf Hitlers Operation Fail Safe A Story Of One Man Struggle For Sanity To Change The Course Of History And To Fulfill His True Destiny That Is The 1,000 year Reich.
Welcome to Operation Failsafe

This is a short story about a man called Scott Sutton, who was created by the Nazis in 1945 before the end of World War Two. He was the very first full fledged human hybrid born in the test tube, a baby named The Youngling.

Once created,  he was implanted in his mother to be, the true Aryan Female.
Scott was born in 1965, and brought up by a poor but loving family, and unknowingly guarded by a secret society of Nazi sympathizers.

At the age of eighteen, Scott left his family home to have his own family, and by the age of forty-five he became father of five, of whom two were girls and three boys.

Everything seemed alright, but Scott fell ill when the doctors discovered that is pituary gland has stopped producing testosterone. The situation worsened when his medication got swapped with a serum created by doctor and SS-Hauptstumführer Josef Mengele during World War Two.

The serum is administered to Scott by a nurse every two weeks at his doctors surgery, and it started driving him to the brink of insanity. The nurse herself was part of a secret organization called the Vril Society which was run by Scott's own uncle Hans. The serum soon started growing a tumor that rapidly covered Scott's entire brain, changing his personality and turning him into a sinister Nazi officer.

His Uncle Hans was in reality Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler, a german civil engineer and an high ranking Obergruppenführer of the Schutzstaffeln during World War Two.

While the War was raging, Kammler was entrusted with the top secret mission named Operation Failsafe. His mission consisted in creating a Time Travel Device in the form of a pocket watch called the Designator. The watch itself was linked to four Die Glockes, the Time Traveling Machines also known as Nazi Bells.

It turned out that Scott's destiny was, unbeknown to him, already mapped and carefully studied even before he was born. His destiny designed to him to be driven insane once he reached the age of forty-five, so he would start to only ''live and breathe'' everything that concerns Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during World War Two. In his bouts of insanity, Scott was designed to think and figure out what the were the Nazis' mistakes and where they went wrong, so he will be able to change the course of History when he will travel to the Past with the informations he has learnt.

But his missions takes several twists and turns around the moment Scott decided to take tattooed schematics on his entire body of the 1945's weapons back to the year 1923, where he plans to meet
Adolf Hitler.

Will he succeed or fail?

To find out more you will have to read the Untold Story of Scott Sutton.

Die Glocke

Die Glocke

The Henge

The Henge

The Designator

The Designator

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